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One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, by Ann Voskamp

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From No Compromise Radio Video, See Pastor Mike Abendroth Below:

Warning: This book contains blasphemous, explicit sexual language for the purpose of describing a believer’s relationship, “Holy Fulfilling” to the Almighty, Eternal, Holy and Righteous Triune God, which is why it is in this library.  It is also a twisted mockery and misinterpretation of The Holy Word of God and of great, past reformers and theologians, like Edwards and Spurgeon, who wrote with contemporary language of their day, not ours.  Thus, the reviews do contain quotes from the book for biblical examination only.  Fasten your seat belts and say a prayer to be able to ‘stomach it.’

Seriously, the pages I read at Amazon and the excerpts in reviews, was more than enough to discern its sensuality and paganism.  It’s as if this is a romance novel for bored Christian women… with the subject eventually being the L**d.  I can’t… No.  I won’t even type it all out here.  The first sentences of Chapter 1, right off, made me say to myself, “Eeeks, should I be reading this!?”  This book is said to be written by a Christian author and is sold in Christian bookstores.  Yet, I thought, “This book can’t be leading to anything of spiritual value.”  I found quite the opposite to be true.

It is spiritually dangerous.  It  appeals to the flesh!  Is describing one’s birth in such a manner really appropriate for a Christian book?  It is unnecessarily descriptive for shock value to immediately draw the reader in… in a barbaric, primeval, seductive, sensual way.   In Mk 7:21-23, Rom 13:13 and Eph 4:19, sensuality is to be put off along with the “old man.”  Further, the tool of sensuality is something that Peter describes false teachers using, in 2 Pt 2:2. We see this specifically with the profuse practice of new spirituality infesting the church with mystical techniques such as contemplative prayer, repeated prayers, lectio divina, yoga, labyrinths, prayer candles and the like. She seems to have an infatuation for the word “blood,” as well.  Her sensual descriptions of stroking her dad’s hair and that of her brother-in-law’s visit at the back door are just the beginning of sensuality unraveling out of control in this book.  As I mentioned, at the end of the spool of thread, it poisonously affects one’s image of a redeemed relationship with the L**d.  Offering such words to a reader that conjure up revolting, sexual imagery with our Holy God is a far cry from “a holy experience,” the name of Ann’s blog.  Rather, it is a sinfully disturbing one.

In addition, I noted:  1)  a statement “after baptism…” her journey began.  Something to that affect.  As if that is the moment of salvation as the Church of Christ denomination wrongly believes; But in this case, it was an infant “christening.”  So, nothing mattered before the christening?  The value of life itself as given by the Creator?  And salvation does not occur at infant baptism which is, according to the Scriptures, for believers only;  2)  a tribute to a Catholic writer, Chesterton; 3) a claim that the author hears/heard God audibly, like Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer, which always undermines the sufficiency and supremacy of Scripture, while pointing to Gnosticism.  What’s with the female gnosticism in Christianity?  Allow me to inform you.  It’s another false movement in and of itself, which is contributed to and published by Lifeway Christian Stores!

Overall, with such sexual writings of these ‘encounters’ of “Holy Fillings,” finding herself with God, “in Paris,” the romance capital of the world for lovers, I am lead to believe this author has one seriously tainted and perverted imagination, is experimenting with contemplative prayer (demonic influence falsely interpreted as divine during mystic, transcendental meditation) or both.  Needless to say, beware, my sisters in the Lord.

To confirm that, her blog, a holy experience, does reveal the evidence of involvement with and promotion of transcendental meditation!  Several pictures of prayer candles, in the form of a labyrinth, are present as well as the false teachings of pagan mystics like Phyllis Tickle, Brennan Manning, Richard Foster, Adele Ahlberg Calhoun, Henry Nouwen, etc., in authors/books being recommended.

-Karla Tadler



Be Still DVD, by Beth Moore, Max Lucado, Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, etc.

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Moore’s DANGEROUS Scripture Twisting, Blasphemy and Promotion of Legalism and Idolatry Courtesy of Pirate Christian Radio (PCR)  ~If Chris Rosebrough hadn’t informed us that this was the voice of Beth Moore dishing out this false teaching, I would have thought this was heretical Paula White (Word-Faith) talking.

~excerpt via the PCR broadcast:  (One of Beth Moore’s blasphemous and idolatrous quotes stemming from misinterpretation of Heb 10:35-36), “I want MY confidence back in Jesus’ name!”   ~WHOA!

Worldview Weekend (WVW) with Brannon Howse and Justin Peters Discuss “Is Beth Moore a False Teacher?”  Please see the WVW episode for a full exposé of  her most recent false teachings with actual footage provided.  Beth Moore continues to go beyond God’s biblical distinctive roles for men and women in the church.  She continues to assert that she is spoken to by God with special revelation and visions.  She also continues to practice ecumenism more than ever with frequent associations and teachings defining the unity of the church of believers to include Word-Faith and Catholic doctrine.  Particularly disturbing is the clip where Beth Moore calls her audience to hate , vengeance and name calling toward those in the church who are discerning doctrinal errors with loving warnings of the dangers of such.  Sadly, she has divided and incorrectly identifies us as “scoffers.”  The blinding deception she has willingly walked into is keeping her from recognizing that she, in fact, is the scoffer the way the Bible defines it.  What’s worse is she is leading multitudes, especially women, down the path of also being scoffers where destruction awaits them if they do not turn to Christ and His truth!

From No Compromise Radio Video, See Pastor Mike Abendroth X 2 Below:

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