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Science Kids-Planet Earth, by Deborah Chancellor @ Chick-fil-A®

What is Chick-fil-A®, the popular Christian food chain that many of us frequent for those amazing chicken sandwiches and chocolate shakes, allowing to be taught in their most recent Kid’s Meal Program book series, “Science Kids-Planet Earth,” by Deborah Chancellor?

a) God created the earth in a literal 6-24 hour day period/young earth as recorded in Genesis and as taught in Christian orthodoxy;

b) Theistic Evolution or Aggressive Creationism/God created the earth via Evolution/old earth; as taught by the liberal church;

c) Evolution (without a Divine Creator-God)/old earth, as taught by atheists, agnostics, our education system; OR

d) A really good fried chicken recipe?

Hint:  In relation to the Himalayas, “these mountains are several millions years old.”   To the Alps, “these mountains are a few million years old.”  And the Colorado River, it is credited for “creating the amazing Grand Canyon.”  To my surprise, “Creator God” and “Genesis” are never mentioned, at all.  So, the answer above is “C.”  Needless, to say, the “science facts” of evolution are being presented in this book to kids, for a partnering with “fellow” parents to teach their kids this information as stated by the company’s President & COO, Dan T. Cathy:

“The people at Chick-fil-A care about the physical and character development of every child that we touch with our Kid’s Meal Program.  It is an expression of our Corporate Purpose to have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A.  We want each experience that a child has with us to be nourishing, fun and a learning opportunity.

As part of the Kid’s Meal Program, the Science Kids series is filled with wonderful photographs, intriguing science facts and fun, easy-to-follow projects that provide plenty of opportunity for your children to explore the world around them.

As a fellow parent, it is my desire that this book series enables you to share valuable interaction and reading time with your children.” (inside cover, emphasis mine)

These ‘science facts’ are based on the theory of non-reproducable, unprovable evolution.  Sadly, the opportunity to share the truth from God’s Word (Jn 17:17), by a Christian business no doubt, was missed.  Opting for the slippery slope of Col 2:8 was the choice, instead.  Why didn’t they seek the help and guidance of expert Dr. Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis (AIG), as one example, for correct exegesis from the historical record of the Genesis account and correct interpretation of the evidence for the correct answer, “A”???

Appeal to Mr. Cathy:  Please, recall any information promoting evolution and reprint with the truth to the glory of God and His Word, as a Christian (business) has the honor, privilege and call to do so.  If this is “not a Christian business,” as stated here, but as the public understands it to be, then respectfully clarify that with a national news source for the sake of not contributing to the confusion of false teaching in Christianity.  Thank you.

(UPDATE:  07-24-12)  Newsy reports on USA Today, a national news source, the reiteration from the above “here” link that “Chick-fil-A is only based on [some] Christian principles and is NOT necessarily a Christian company.”

(2nd UPDATE:  02-08-13)  On July 25, 2012, it was reported that Mr. Cathy takes a public stand for “the biblical definition of marriage.”  Well, praise the Lord!!!  Respectively, we did not see this coming!  As such, Chick-fil-A became established and supported once again as a Christian business regardless of the earlier reports in this post.  I brought to you an article at The Berean Library (TBL) regarding this national news and the response of boycotts or the gospel, in the church.

Now, please, Mr. Cathy, prayerfully consider taking a stand for the biblical definition of creation instead of evolution.


-Karla Tadler  

Recommended Study Series:  The Battle for the Beginning by Dr. John MacArthur


The Sacred Meal, by Nora Gallagher

Biblical Resources:

Jessica DeWaay Kramasz’s Review

Phil Naessens’ Review

See Dr. Gilley’s Review of McLaren’s book, Finding Our Way Again, one of eight books in the series by Thomas Nelson.  Together, these authors promote personal experiences over Scripture, the source for all Christian orthodoxy and practice, while pushing for this paradigm in the church.  This is one of the goals of the Emergent Church Movement (ECM).  To elevate experience, subjective truth claims, over Sola Scriptura, which ultimately takes people away from God and His Word.  This fuels idolatrous deception in the church, big time!  Beware, brethren!

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One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, by Ann Voskamp

Biblical Resources:

Dr. Gary Gilley’s Review

Bob DeWaay’s Review

John Samson’s Reviews here and here

Cindy’s Review, from No Ordinary Faith Blog





From No Compromise Radio Video, See Pastor Mike Abendroth Below:

Warning: This book contains blasphemous, explicit sexual language for the purpose of describing a believer’s relationship, “Holy Fulfilling” to the Almighty, Eternal, Holy and Righteous Triune God, which is why it is in this library.  It is also a twisted mockery and misinterpretation of The Holy Word of God and of great, past reformers and theologians, like Edwards and Spurgeon, who wrote with contemporary language of their day, not ours.  Thus, the reviews do contain quotes from the book for biblical examination only.  Fasten your seat belts and say a prayer to be able to ‘stomach it.’

Seriously, the pages I read at Amazon and the excerpts in reviews, was more than enough to discern its sensuality and paganism.  It’s as if this is a romance novel for bored Christian women… with the subject eventually being the L**d.  I can’t… No.  I won’t even type it all out here.  The first sentences of Chapter 1, right off, made me say to myself, “Eeeks, should I be reading this!?”  This book is said to be written by a Christian author and is sold in Christian bookstores.  Yet, I thought, “This book can’t be leading to anything of spiritual value.”  I found quite the opposite to be true.

It is spiritually dangerous.  It  appeals to the flesh!  Is describing one’s birth in such a manner really appropriate for a Christian book?  It is unnecessarily descriptive for shock value to immediately draw the reader in… in a barbaric, primeval, seductive, sensual way.   In Mk 7:21-23, Rom 13:13 and Eph 4:19, sensuality is to be put off along with the “old man.”  Further, the tool of sensuality is something that Peter describes false teachers using, in 2 Pt 2:2. We see this specifically with the profuse practice of new spirituality infesting the church with mystical techniques such as contemplative prayer, repeated prayers, lectio divina, yoga, labyrinths, prayer candles and the like. She seems to have an infatuation for the word “blood,” as well.  Her sensual descriptions of stroking her dad’s hair and that of her brother-in-law’s visit at the back door are just the beginning of sensuality unraveling out of control in this book.  As I mentioned, at the end of the spool of thread, it poisonously affects one’s image of a redeemed relationship with the L**d.  Offering such words to a reader that conjure up revolting, sexual imagery with our Holy God is a far cry from “a holy experience,” the name of Ann’s blog.  Rather, it is a sinfully disturbing one.

In addition, I noted:  1)  a statement “after baptism…” her journey began.  Something to that affect.  As if that is the moment of salvation as the Church of Christ denomination wrongly believes; But in this case, it was an infant “christening.”  So, nothing mattered before the christening?  The value of life itself as given by the Creator?  And salvation does not occur at infant baptism which is, according to the Scriptures, for believers only;  2)  a tribute to a Catholic writer, Chesterton; 3) a claim that the author hears/heard God audibly, like Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer, which always undermines the sufficiency and supremacy of Scripture, while pointing to Gnosticism.  What’s with the female gnosticism in Christianity?  Allow me to inform you.  It’s another false movement in and of itself, which is contributed to and published by Lifeway Christian Stores!

Overall, with such sexual writings of these ‘encounters’ of “Holy Fillings,” finding herself with God, “in Paris,” the romance capital of the world for lovers, I am lead to believe this author has one seriously tainted and perverted imagination, is experimenting with contemplative prayer (demonic influence falsely interpreted as divine during mystic, transcendental meditation) or both.  Needless to say, beware, my sisters in the Lord.

To confirm that, her blog, a holy experience, does reveal the evidence of involvement with and promotion of transcendental meditation!  Several pictures of prayer candles, in the form of a labyrinth, are present as well as the false teachings of pagan mystics like Phyllis Tickle, Brennan Manning, Richard Foster, Adele Ahlberg Calhoun, Henry Nouwen, etc., in authors/books being recommended.

-Karla Tadler



The Passion of the Christ DVD, by Mel Gibson

Biblical Resources:

Mike Gendron’s Review of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministries.

I am so thankful for Mike Gendron, former Catholic, and his ministry to reach Catholics and others with the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, I am glad he addressed, specifically, The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson from the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). Droves of people, including myself, watched this film and many endorsed it when it was first released, in 2004, including some big name evangelicals as  seen on Wiki , who are incorrectly described there as “conservative.” I’ll provide the list here:   Billy Graham, James Dobson, Mission America Coalition, Salvation Army, Promise Keepers, National Association of Evangelicals, Campus Crusade for Christ, Focus on the Family, Pat Robertson, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Rick Warren, Southern Baptist Convention, Jerry Falwell, Max Lucado, Young Life, Tim LaHaye, Chuck Colson, Lee Strobel, Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, Mothers of Pre-Schoolers (MOPS) and the United Methodist Church. But in the paragraphs that follow, you’ll see there are major problems with it. Namely, it promotes the Catholic religion and ecumenism.

The author of the Wiki entry records that Gibson uses a verse like this from the New Testament.  It is stated as such in Wiki, “Behold Mother, I make all things new,” is taken from the Book of Revelation,” being used as such in the screenplay.  That verse would be found in an extra-biblical Catholic bible. Further down in the Wiki entry is written “Virgin Mary” instead of “a virgin, Mary.”   These are mariology titles of the false, man-made, pagan, legalistic Catholic religion which wrongly teaches that Mary is co-redemtrix and co-mediatrix.  According to the Scriptures, these are lies.  Only the Lord Jesus is Redeemer (Acts 4:12; Col 2:13-14; 1 Pt 1:3,19-21; 3:18) and only He is the mediator between God and man (1 Tim 2:5).

Icing on the cake for Gibson would have been an official declaration of endorsement by the pope, which they feverishly tried to get, but supposedly the Vatican makes it a point to “not comment on any artistic works.”  You can see this documented in the Wiki resource, also.

In responding to criticisms of biblical and historical accuracy, as seen at Wiki, Gibson has responded like this, “I think that my first duty is to be as faithful as possible in telling the story so that it doesn’t contradict the Scriptures. Now, so long as it didn’t do that, I felt that I had a pretty wide berth for artistic interpretation, and to fill in some of the spaces with logic, with imagination, with various other readings.”

Did anyone just catch that!?   Again, he said, “I felt that I had a pretty wide berth for artistic interpretation, and to fill in some of the spaces with logic, with imagination, with various other readings.” That dear friends would be called eisegeting Scripture, which comes from the spirit of error.  It means to put into Scripture what you want in order to make it say what you want.   Exegeting Scripture is to correctly study what the Scripture says pulling out of the text its true interpretation, content and meaning for proper application, without adding to or changing or taking anything away from the text.  There is a warning in Revelation 22:18 for anyone who does the former, eisegetes Scripture.

I would like to continue to draw serious attention to the phrase “other readings,” as well.  As noted on Wiki, Gibson’s resources for the making of the fillm included mystic Catholic devotional writings on the crucifixion from two nuns.   Firstly, María de Ágreda who wrote The Mystical City of God. And secondly,  Anne Catherine Emmerich who wrote The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Both of these were cited as being influential in such scenes as Christ suspending from a bridge after His arrest in the Temple and demons who came to attack Judas after he sold Christ for thirty pieces of silver.  A couple more scenes described in Wiki are as follows:  “Other scenes unique to The Passion of the Christ include the one in which the crucified thief who taunted Jesus has his eye pecked out by a crow, and the flashback of the carpenter Jesus building an elevated, four-legged table for a Roman. The scene of Satan carrying a demonic baby during Christ’s flogging has been construed as an imitation of traditional depictions of the Madonna and Child.” More Catholic resources for Gibson included two priests, William J. Fulco and Jonathan Morris, who were part of his consultation team for theological and/or language subjects.

Theses details provide a vivid enough picture, without completing exhausting everything that could be noted of the film.  Suffice it to say, I think we can deduct that Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ is more about Mel’s passion for the pope and promoting paganism.  I heard it said recently that to re-inact the crucifixion is blasphemous and draws away from the sufficiency of the Scriptures alone.  I agree.  We are called to “remember,” the Lord’s death by the Scripture, with the Lord’s Table and everyday in our hearts filled and overflowing with thanksgiving!  We are never called to reproduce it. “It is finished!” If anyone of us were supposed to see it, be an eyewitness, then we would have been there. This film, in doing so with a $30 million budget, grossed over $611 million dollars, all for the name and glory of the Catholic religion.

During this season of remembering and honoring Christ’s sacrifice, with Resurrection Sunday just around the corner, the sales continue to climb in the Christian bookstores, etc.  Resist the urge to jump on the band wagon!  May we be blessed in truly remembering what the Lord has done in a God-pleasing way without this film or re-inacting the crucifixion.  Open your Bibles, be at Church for Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday for the Good News!  The tomb is empty!  He has Risen!  Hallelujah!!!

-Karla Tadler

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The Language of Love, by Gary Smalley and John Trent, PhD.

Biblical Resources:

article excerpt: “Smalley, Gary >> Gary Smalley > NavPress author, focuses on counseling, most writings exclude the use of Scripture and focus on humanist psychology and often contrary to Scripture ideas to deal with relationships. Smalley conducts family seminars through his Today’s Family. Smalley has been a leading proponent of right-brain/left-brain pseudoscience aka myth, which claimed to describe personality types by brain hemisphere dominance. Disproved by neuroscientists as well as zero scriptural basis, it claimed to give insights to male/female communication effectiveness.

The popularization of this ‘stuff’ was due to The Language of Love, co-authored by Gary Smalley and fellow psychologist, John Trent and which was published and promoted by Dr. James Dobson’s Focus on the Family Publishing. Smalley and Trent have been frequent guests on Dobson’s radio program. In Winning the War Within, Smalley and Trent endorsed an even more widely accepted myth, that of low self-esteem as being the cause of most of our problems. Apparently “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” is not really the issue to be concerned with. Gary Smalley has been a frequent speaker, promoter and writer for Promise Keepers.”

See Also, False Gospels: The Psychology Movement

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Love Wins, by Rob Bell

Biblical Resources:

Kevin DeYoung’s Review

The Gospel Coalition’s pdf of Kevin DeYoung’s Review

Dr. Albert Mohler’s Review

Berit Kjos’ Review

Dr. John MacArthur Warns About Rob Bell’s False Teachings

Sola Sisters’ Review part 1, part 2 and part 3

“If It Looks Like a Duck and Quacks Like a”  …well you know, Tim Challies’ Review

UPDATE (04-24-11): Mart De Haan of the RBC Ministries Network, Including the Long-Standing and Popular Our Daily Bread, Has Referred to Rob Bell as a “Brother” and Considers Bell to be Quite Possibly RIGHT as Seen Here

News Media Commentator, Martin Brashir, Examines Bell’s Teachings, with a ‘Berean Book Review’ in hand… and hits the nail on the head! ☛ “You’re amending the Gospel, the Christian message, so that it’s palatable to contemporary people who find, for example, the idea of heaven and hell very hard to swallow.”  

Brilliant Parody of Rob Bell’s Teachings in Love Wins

Dr. Mohler leads a prayer for Rob Bell

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