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In Defense of Israel, by John Hagee

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Book Review

Book Review

Carl Johnson, of Twin City Fellowship, Discusses with Jan Markell, of Olive Tree Ministries, the False Teaching of Dual Covenant Theology that John Hagee Heretically Teaches here (part 1), here (part 2), here (part 3), here (part 4), here (part 5) and here (part 6).

Andy Olson’s Podcast with Carl Johnson on Dual Covenant Theology

“For instance, some of them assume John Hagee, senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, is an orthodox preacher when Hagee promotes unbiblical word-faith teaching!”  ~ excerpt, Marsha West’s Article on 2012 presidential candidate, Gov. Rick Perry, and his New Apostolic Reformation involvement and promotion, “The Religious Right Uniting with Religious Renegades, Part 1




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