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Ecumenical Jihad, by Peter Kreeft

Biblical Resources:

Dr. John MacArthur Examines Kreeft’s Teachings in Ecumenical Jihad in the video below.

Peter Kreeft is a Catholic convert who teaches the concept of a “mystic Christ.” He also endorses the false Catholic teachings and apparitions of Mary as co-redeemer and co-mediatrix. He was one of the keynote speakers at the Saddleback’s Apologetics Conference December 2010, hosted by Rick Warren, promoting his book, The Shocking Life of Jesus, and these teachings, etc.


The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren

Biblical Resources:

Dr. John MacArthur on the Problems of the Purpose Driven Life

Daniel HC Chew’s Short Book Review and New Book Driven Away by Purpose-2nd edition

Rick Warren and a Whole Lot More

Warren B. Smith’s “Deceived on Purpose-Chapter 5″

Bob DeWaay’s PDL Discernment Tool

Roger Oakland on Purpose-Driven

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