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Identifying False Teaching in Christian Bookstores

Be Still DVD by Beth Moore, Max Lucado, Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, etc. (Bad Fruit)

Biblical Resources:

Marcia Montenegro’s Review

Bob DeWaay’s Review

Ray Yungen’s Book is HIGHLY Recommended

Ray Yungen’s pdf on Contemplative Prayer

Moore’s DANGEROUS Scripture Twisting, Blasphemy and Promotion of Legalism and Idolatry Courtesy of Pirate Christian Radio (PCR)  ~If Chris Rosebrough hadn’t informed us that this was the voice of Beth Moore dishing out this false teaching, I would have thought this was heretical Paula White (Word-Faith) talking.

~excerpt via the PCR broadcast:  (One of Beth Moore’s blasphemous and idolatrous quotes stemming from misinterpretation of Heb 10:35-36), “I want MY confidence back in Jesus’ name!”   ~WHOA!

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