Be Still DVD, by Beth Moore, Max Lucado, Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, etc.

Biblical Resources:

Marcia Montenegro’s Review

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Ray Yungen’s Book is HIGHLY Recommended

Ray Yungen’s pdf on Contemplative Prayer

Moore’s DANGEROUS Scripture Twisting, Blasphemy and Promotion of Legalism and Idolatry Courtesy of Pirate Christian Radio (PCR)  ~If Chris Rosebrough hadn’t informed us that this was the voice of Beth Moore dishing out this false teaching, I would have thought this was heretical Paula White (Word-Faith) talking.

~excerpt via the PCR broadcast:  (One of Beth Moore’s blasphemous and idolatrous quotes stemming from misinterpretation of Heb 10:35-36), “I want MY confidence back in Jesus’ name!”   ~WHOA!

Worldview Weekend (WVW) with Brannon Howse and Justin Peters Discuss “Is Beth Moore a False Teacher?”  Please see the WVW episode for a full exposé of  her most recent false teachings with actual footage provided.  Beth Moore continues to go beyond God’s biblical distinctive roles for men and women in the church.  She continues to assert that she is spoken to by God with special revelation and visions.  She also continues to practice ecumenism more than ever with frequent associations and teachings defining the unity of the church of believers to include Word-Faith and Catholic doctrine.  Particularly disturbing is the clip where Beth Moore calls her audience to hate , vengeance and name calling toward those in the church who are discerning doctrinal errors with loving warnings of the dangers of such.  Sadly, she has divided and incorrectly identifies us as “scoffers.”  The blinding deception she has willingly walked into is keeping her from recognizing that she, in fact, is the scoffer the way the Bible defines it.  What’s worse is she is leading multitudes, especially women, down the path of also being scoffers where destruction awaits them if they do not turn to Christ and His truth!

From No Compromise Radio Video, See Pastor Mike Abendroth X 2 Below:

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