Breathe DVD, by Rob Bell

Biblical Resources:

Bob DeWaay Explains How Rob Bell Distorts What is Holy

SO4J’s Interview with Bob DeWaay on the Emergent Church

Bob DeWaay’s mp3 on the Emergent Church

Andy Olson’s Podcast with Bob DeWaay on the Emergent Church

Gary Gilley on the Heresies of the Emergent Church here (part 1), here (part 2) and here (Part 3)

A Critique of Rob Bell’s Emergent False Teachings and Breathe which are especially aimed at the youth.

article excerpt:  “Unfortunately, the new push toward “silence” and “contemplative prayer” as it is being taught has more to do with Hindu and Buddhist style meditation and guided visualization than any Biblical template for meditation or waiting on God. It adds “breath prayers”, repetitive prayers and emptying your mind . But the only way to wait and be silent safely in this age of deceptive demonic voices is to do so with the Word of God in your lap, filling your mind with truth from it.”

Heretical Quotes from Rob Bell’s Books

Roger Oakland Resources, etc.

Berean Beacon’s mp3 on the Emergent Church, Its Leaders (including Sweet), Proponents and Catholic Roots

Emergent ‘Buzz’ Words

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