Bullhorn DVD, by Rob Bell

Biblical Resources:

Bob DeWaay Explains How Rob Bell Distorts What is Holy

SO4J’s Interview with Bob DeWaay on the Emergent Church

Bob DeWaay’s mp3 on the Emergent Church

Andy Olson’s Podcast with Bob DeWaay on the Emergent Church

Gary Gilley on the Heresies of the Emergent Church here (part 1), here (part 2) and here (Part 3)

A Critique of Rob Bell’s Emergent False Teachings and Bullhorn which is especially aimed at the youth.

article excerpt:  “It began with Rob Bell, casually dressed and hip looking, sitting on a park bench, interspersed with scenes of a street preacher, older, wearing thick glasses, scared of people, printing literature and going on the streets with a bullhorn to preach. The portrayal of this man as an unattractive, outdated offensive relic could not have been clearer, nor could Mr. Bell’s full frontal attack towards street preachers and street preaching. He makes it clear that the “bullhorn man” is not reaching anyone, he’s turning people off, and even Jesus doesn’t like what he’s doing. He goes on to say it’s better to reach people by putting our arm around them, showing we love them, preaching diversity and tolerance, etc. etc.”

Heretical Quotes from Rob Bell’s Books

Roger Oakland Resources, etc.

Berean Beacon’s mp3 on the Emergent Church, Its Leaders (including Sweet), Proponents and Catholic Roots

Emergent ‘Buzz’ Words

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