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Your Best Life Now, by Joel Osteen

Biblical Resources:

WretchedVideos presents:  Dr. John MacArthur’s Biblical Exposé of Joel Osteen’s False Teachings and Your Best Life Now

Brannon Howse’s Exposé with Osteen’s New Age Quotes from Your Best Life Now

Dr. John MacArthur Identifies Osteen as a “Mouthpiece for Satan”

Todd Friel with MacArthur’s Exposé

Justin Peters Exposes Osteen’s Lack of Preaching the True Gospel

SO4J’s 45 min presentation of Justin Peters,’ “A Call for Discernment”

Randy Shelton’s mp3 on Contemplative Spirituality with Osteen as a New Age Visualizer

Joel Osteen Denies Christ as the ONLY Way for Salvation

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