Born Fundamentalist Born Again Catholic, by David B. Currie

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Simply, providential that I caught Mike Gendron’s, “Remembering the Reformation,” from last Sunday, Oct 31, 2011, in my Facebook newsfeed this week.  Meanwhile, Dr. Gilley just published, today, two, new book reviews that are astounding examples of what Mr. Gendron was highlighting just days earlier in his message.  Mr. Gendron and his wife attend  Grace Life Church of Dallas.

For another example, besides the author of this book, take ecumenical evangelical Chuck Colson, of Break Point Christian Radio.  He wrote The Body, in 1994, to heighten the cause of infusing the Catholic religion into the church of believers, by referring to Catholics as “our brothers and sisters in Christ,” etc.  He was a main proponent for the ecumenical Manhattan Declaration, in 2009, which continues to promote unity between evangelicals and Catholics by utilizing moral and social issues as the catalyst, not the Gospel.  I am thankful Dr. John MacArthur was not one of its signatories, an uncompromising stance for what is true and loving.  A godly example that needs to be forefront when believers are faced with decisions whether or not to become interfaith.

Evangelicals are dangerously heading back to Rome.  Brethren, be sober and take heed of this apostasaical movement that is ramping up in recent days!  It rejects the “narrow path” of the True Gospel of faith alone, in Christ alone, by grace alone, according to the Scriptures alone, all to the glory of God alone.  This popular false movement, partnered by the Emergent Church Movement (ECM), is one part of the “wide path” that leads to destruction; back to the man-made, self-righteous, idolatrous traditions of Babylon.

 Dr. Gary Gilley’s Review

Mike Gendron’s Message on God’s Providential Reformation-The Five Solas

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