Heaven is for Real, by Todd Burpo

A Brief Overview and Endorsers/Promoters (2) of the Book:  My sisters in the Lord, you can add another book to the large pile of stories found in Christian bookstores, and popular chain discount stores, about someone foolish (2 Cor 12:6),  making another claim of having a visit to heaven or hell and living to tell us all about it.  All for a price, of course.  Besides Don Piper, who is the author of a similar-type book, 90 Minutes in Heaven, women such as Mary K. Baxter, Choo Thomas and Marietta Davis, have also authored books of similar heaven-bound adventure.  The radio program, Haven Today, is also endorsing this story as non-fiction.  Even after receiving concerned listener feedback, the program’s host, Charles Morris, continues to stand by this account as truthful which you can hear in Haven Today’s 2-part series. Mr. Morris offers the book to his audience for only $30.00 a copy.

The new spin on this particular foretelling is that it allegedly comes from a past experience of a 4 year old boy, Colton Burpo. His father, Todd Burpo, pastors Crossroads Wesleyan Church, in Nebraska.  Pastor Burpo asks his little toddler, or leads him in, many questions to understand and know what his son experienced while on the operating table to undergo an emergency appendectomy.  Seven years later and with the help of professional writer, Lynne Vincent, Burpo puts the story behind the really adorable, cheerful cover of his son.

As always, the problems with these kinds of stories is that they undermine the sufficiency and supremacy of Scripture, add to the Bible (extra-biblical) while also being contrary to Scripture. One way this is so is the mere attempt to cite and write about such an ‘episode.’ In 2 Cor 12:1-10, Paul’s humble account was written in third person in obedience to God; to not brag or “be credited with more” while remaining controlled in the Spirit to not boast. Paul stated that even if he did boast he would not be a fool, for it really happened, as recorded in and for the Holy Spirit-inspired, authoritative writings of the Bible. Paul wrote of his experience that he “did not know if it was in the body or out of the body,” but that nonetheless, it assuredly happened, again as written in and validated by the Word of God. Later on, in the 2 Cor 12 passage, he was given a “thorn in the flesh” for further humbling purposes by the Lord, to keep him from “exalting” himself. The lesson from Paul’s thorn is that God’s grace is sufficient! We are to be content in our weaknesses and sufferings for Christ, which indicate that “Christ dwells in us.” For when we are weak then He is strong. Praise the Lord!

Not only was Paul’s overall humble description of his account to heaven true as found in the Bible (Jn 17:17), and therefore “not foolish,” but also that his visit was “inexpressible.” Meaning that it was not for this apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, who wrote 13, or possibly 14 books, of the 27 New Testament books, to be permitted to share it beyond a godly restraint. It was not to be revealed with detail or pridefulness.  To do so would be “unlawful.”

Beware of trusting anyone who is claiming to have new revelation of truth from God. God has authored a closed Canon of Scripture. The Bible is His complete, authoritative, binding, infallible, inerrant, divine, sufficient, supreme and plenary revelation. And since the time it was closed (Jude 3), the 66 books of the Bible is how God speaks to us and allows us to experience the study and knowledge of Him (Eph 5:15-17; Col 1:9, 2 Tim 2:15). We are to turn to His Word, look to Him and trust Him for all truth (Jn 17:17), not anyone or anything or any experience that is contrary to His Book. The last revelation of Christ was given by God to another apostle, John, in the book of Revelation.

Consider, also, the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, from Luke 16:19-31, as another admonishment for Sola Scriptura, as well as what is not allowed by God. The rich man, who died and went to Hades, asked Abraham to send Lazarus, who died and went heaven, to warn the rich man’s family about how real the torment, God’s wrath, is and to repent. Abraham replied, “They have Moses and the Prophets (the Old Testament); let them hear them… If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets (another emphasis for Scripture, back-to-back), they will not be persuaded even if someone comes back from the dead.” (emphasis and parenthesis mine)

Further, after His resurrection from the dead, while on the road to Emmaus, Christ employed Sola Scriptura, not His experience, again with those who were being “foolish” and “slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken…. Then beginning with Moses and with all the prophets, He explained to them the things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures.” (emphasis mine) Later their eyes were opened and they recognized Him while He was breaking and blessing the bread. Reflecting back while walking on the road with Jesus, they said to one another, “Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us on the road, while He was explaining the Scriptures to us?” (Luke 24:13-32) What a profound illustration is “hearts burning within us” when one is hearing God’s truth and yet not understanding it or accepting it.

Paul said to be “imitators of me,” in 1 Cor 4:16 and again in 1 Cor 11:1 because he, himself, is an imitator of Christ. May we carry out this command as well for Christ’s sake, in every area of our lives, by the grace and truth of God, for His glory.

-Karla Tadler              

Recommended Book:  The Glory of Heaven, by John MacArthur

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From No Compromise Radio Video, See Pastor Mike Abendroth Below:

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19 Responses to Heaven is for Real, by Todd Burpo

  1. Todd E Domer says:

    This book is showing exactly what is wrong in most churches today. People want an “experience”, the Bible is not enough. Forget about the verse in – John 1:18 No one has ever seen God; the only God, who is at the Father’s side, he has made him known. I guess this 4 year old is the exception! What is even more frightening is the amount of professing Christians that are buying into this scam! I am finding more all the time in teaching Sunday School to adults that people don’t want to hear sound doctrine, Scripture is not enough for them. What a sad state of affairs.

  2. MP says:

    I think it’s unsurprising if God manifests Himself in glorious ways at times — as He seems to have done in the life of little Colton. If nothing in the book contradicts the Scripture, then we should be open to considering the possibility that it really happened. People in the NT saw angels, heard the Father, heard the Holy Spirit — and God intervening was done directly at times, not only through their Scripture (the OT). And some people still receive such experiences, and we shouldn’t automatically refuse to consider what they’re saying.

  3. Candy Crosby says:

    Just heard Todd Burpo speak last night and would not describe him as a proud man. In fact, he spent a good share of the introduction describing the trials God put him and his family through before Colton’s illness.

  4. Ed Lee says:

    the kid is cute, the father is a dope, and the people buying this nonsense are dopier.

  5. Nate says:


    Your review has a very angry tone to it. Before assuming that this only comes from a holy concern for protecting others from false doctrine, please consider asking the Holy Spirit whether self-righteousness, disbelief, and/or bitterness have crept in. Perhaps they haven’t and all your reviews are inspired by the heart of God; however, it never hurts to ask.

  6. Dave says:

    Ms. Tadler,

    Thank you for your Scripture-based, but restrained, review of Heaven is For Real. I find it alarming that so many people, including, ostensibly, so many Christians, are endorsing Rev. Burpo’s book. May God grant us all discernment and have mercy on us.

  7. Liz says:


    Your argument doesn’t even make sense…..you need to explain more if you even want to state things like that. Sure it seems weird that Colton had a supernatural experience, but isn’t everything in Jesus’ ministry supernatural? Isn’t that how we got it wrong the first time and why we killed Jesus…because we couldn’t comprehend who he was and what he had done?

  8. Andrea says:

    Its strange to me that so many of the most strict Christians have their minds all made up, no one could possibly go to heaven and come back. They dont want to look into things themselves but just believe what they have been taught. I think someone forgot to teach them that the Bible says not to call people fools. And to speak the truth in love. Others might listen to your reasoning more if you sounded more sensible and less bitter.

  9. Ed Lee says:

    I’m not making an argument, just making an observation. I was amazed Sarah Palin’s book was a best seller and now this idiot’s book is too. This country has too many morons, we should deport everyone who bought these books.

  10. Cheryl says:

    For those who think Colton’s claims in the book do not contradict Scripture, I looked at his claims versus what the Bible says on the same topic. You can read that, if you’d like here:

  11. Charlotte says:

    I found the part in the book about “Markers” disturbing. It states that Colton pointed to his palms when his father asked where Jesus’ markers were. I looked up Roman Crucifixions and found that the nails were placed into the wrist of the people being crucified – NOT the palms on one’s hands. Does anyone know if the royalties from this book are going to help “children” or is the family reaping the benefits from it?

  12. The central problem with this as someone above has noted is the drift towards subjective truth claims. When we depart from Scripture where do we stop? Where do we draw the line? Are we to accept every claim that comes along simply because we can find some verses which seem to support it?
    I think we need to remember that Jesus and the Apostles warned that there would be false prophets in the church. Some people might look at these kinds of claims and remind us that the Bible talks about signs and wonders in the last times. But of the four predictions of signs and wonders in the New Testament three refer to false prophets and the Antichrist.

  13. margaret says:

    i thought that the book was totally excellent and i am trying to get todd burpo’s email add. so i can write him.
    all this is true noone that believes this is wrong its not wrong its true you just have to have your mind open watch the here after with matt damon

  14. Timothy Fish says:

    I agree with most of what you said about this book. While part of it matches what the Bible says, there are several things that don’t. But I do think everything that was said in the book matches how I would think a four-year-old might describe what he saw in Sunday school literature. Some of the artist conceptions in Sunday school literature don’t exactly match what the Bible says either. Being a pastor, I would think that Todd Burpo should know this, but perhaps he was too eager to believe his son went to heaven. As time went on, I would imagine that his son just started making stuff up because it made his parents happy. With all that has happened because of this, I doubt the boy will admit it now.

  15. Lucy Lu says:

    This book is not scriptural. Colton mentions that the people in heaven have wings. Where in Scripture does it indicate that people in heaven have wings??? In addition Todd Burpo states that the portrait of Jesus done by Akaine Kramarick was identified by Colton as being true to the likeness of the ‘Jesus’ he saw in heaven. I urge everyone to check out Akaine’s website (just type her name in the browser). It’s obvious this girl has amazing talent. It’s also obvious that she has a very new age approach and philosophy in her poetry and her following. In addition to the portrait of the”Prince of Peace”, Akaine has also painted a Buddist monk and her version of pre-born babies being released from the hand of God. Interesting to say the least. Let us not forget that the enemy of our souls is the father of lies and he has no problem using a child to deceive the masses. Todd may be sincere, but I think he lacks discernment as do many Christians in these troubling last days. May Christ (the true Christ) come quickly.

  16. wilson says:

    I for one have read the book in it’s entirety and find nothing contradictory to scripture but in fact feel the book supports scripture 100% as I understand it.

    Take caution not to criticize what you don’t understand.

    We must all seek the truth to be closer to God but we all will fall short of understanding. That is where faith takes over for the remainder of our journey to be with God.

    I have been through several life experiences that should have been my last days on earth but God chose to perform miracles allowing me to remain on earth. I believe I have been allowed more earthly time to help others. One way I am doing this is buying several of these books and lending them out to friends and family. I receive no money in return but consider the money I spend to purchase the books well spent to the glory of God.

    It would be a much better world if this book were distributed along with Bibles to review the scriptural references given around the world in as many different languages as possible.

  17. Brucio says:

    For everyone stating that the book is not Scriptural, is it too much to ask for a little more detail as to why? I mean, for Bereans this should be Job #1. As much as I admire the Apostle Paul, his personal experience doesn’t define the extent of all human experience- I think Scripture supports that viewpoint.

    Ad hominem attacks against the author and his son just don’t do it.

    Thank you.

    From someone who hasn’t bothered to read the book, but has an open mind re: NDE’s.

  18. John says:

    All of you who disbelieve the likely hood of this story are just one NDE or death experience away from finding out that you are wrong. Like Liz said, Jesus did supernatural experiences and is the super natural today and always. The spirit realm is real, demons are real, angels are real. Now go out and start proclaiming these things and see if you don’t get ostracized by well meaning church members. NDE happen every day and in that experience the person finds out if at that moment of death they are accepted into heaven or damned to hell. But it’s a corrective measure or a reaffirming measure. NDE are physical and spiritual evidence of the boundaries of the eternal world. These post are too narrow minded and destructive to how God works today in this world.

  19. Karla Tadler says:

    Darla Curry Sampson: I disagree with the Heaven is for Real accessment. Many times in the Bible men were taken up to heaven to be shown the things of God. They were able to write about what they saw. John’s Revelation is a good example of that. The Burpo’s are not claiming new scripture, they are not claiming new doctrine, and they are not claiming God told them something. They just wrote what their son saw while he was absent from the body. Like I said, many others in the Bible did the same thing. Nothing about the child’s account goes against scripture. Proceeds from the book have enabled the Burpos to support a variety of Christian ministries.
    23 hours ago · Like

    Karla Tadler: Thank you for sharing your opinion with us Darla Curry Sampson. While I respect it, and we have agreed many times, I disagree with this one in the fear of the Lord. I want to highlight some key words and doctrine for consideration that go against your argument. *Closed Canon of Scripture.* *Last revelation of God–Christ, found in Scripture alone.* The authority, veracity, supremacy of Scripture speaks for God, not new experiences, new revelation, self-truth claims. This book has also inspired more to be written like it, which draws ppl dangerously away from the authority and truth of Scripture to their self-truth claim experiences that they elevate to the level or above Scripture. God wants us to look to Scripture alone for His Truth (Jn 17:17), not experiences which can be deceiving or people who can be deceived. Even Christ, Who is our example, on the Road to Emmaus used what was written in Scripture by the prophets to explain Himself, not His experience of His resurrection. He emphasized this again, what is written, in HIs parable of Lazarus and the rich man. Thank you again. Blessings to you and your family with prayers, Karla
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    Darla Curry Sampson: Again what scripture did he introduce? He has added nothing nor taken away anything from the scriptures. He is a pastor and looks to God alone for his faith as does his son, he was a believer before the experience, so he is not using the experience to base his faith. The father was very careful to check scripture against everything his son said. True copy cats might try to write somethng as well, but all should be tested against scripture, and in the case of this little boy that is what his father did. Did John see heaven and not die and was able to tell of it later? Yes, so why would that not apply to the child? Who is not adding or taking from scripture but verifies scripture. I see nothing in this book that would draw people from Christ. Have you read it yourself? Blessings to you and all you do to safe guard the word of God. :-)
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    Karla Tadler: Darla, let me ask you this: Does the Lord want us to have faith in Him and His infallible, inerrant Word or in people’s self-truth claims?
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    Darla Curry Sampson: Of course have faith in Him and His word and nothing in this book goes against that. Have you read it?
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    Ron Rilee: How much of what was described in the book can be verified by the Word? Also Paul and John were the only 2 caught up to Heaven. Paul was forbidden to relate what he had seen, and Paul was instructed to not reveal what the seven thunders were.
    19 hours ago · Unlike · 3

    Darla Curry Sampson: All of it was verified by the word. Have you read it?
    19 hours ago · Like

    Ron Rilee: I have not. That was why the question. I have only read a couple of reviews. I actually do not much stock in the whole I went to heaven or hell genre. The only 2 people mentioned in the Bible were foundational Apostles.
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    Mindy Thurmond Brouse: The reason I’ve never read it and believe it’s wrong, doctrinally stands on the verses already shared, coupled with the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16). If God wanted to use personal stories to warn and encourage of the existence of heaven and hell, having someone glimpse hell and come back to warn would be much more influential, but God said/says no and that we have “Moses and the prophets” and the “even if someone raises from the dead, they will not repent”, His Word alone.
    19 hours ago · Unlike · 3

    Karla Tadler: Hello and Thank you Ron Rilee and Mindy Thurmond Brouse. Darla, I have the book, read parts of it. My blog post at TBL is an overview, not a book review, to explore, under the magnifying glass of Scripture, what is wrong with the book in the sense of the big picture. We do not need self-truth claim experiences, which as I said can be *deceptive,* to tell us that what we do not see is real– heaven, hell, angels, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, fallen angels, Satan, etc. To write a book like this departs from the perfect explanation, revelation we have in the Scriptures which is alone our source of truth (Jn 17:17), not self-truth claim experiences. The Bible validates itself. Never would or should an experience validate the Bible. It is the Bible that we look to for validation of truth. A book like this highlights experience over what is written. We are told not to exceed what is written by Paul as well (1 Cor 4:6). This kind of book encourages ppl to seek such experiences for truth and such experiences for themselves, which is very dangerous as Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. He and all his servants (2 Cor 11:14-15). These bigger picture kind of things in and of themselves are contrary to Scripture and the Lord Jesus’ example that I mentioned earlier. Now, a few specific things from the book. Where do we see in the Bible that it was His hands for sure that were pierced as Colton claimed (and not other consideration that it was His wrists which would sustain His weight on the cross) (p.67)? And where do we read in the Bible that “God is the biggest one in there” (p.100)? No where. In fact, we know from the Word that God is spirit (Jn 4:24; 2 Cor 3:17) and invisible (1 Tim 1:17). So, size is irrelevant in His attributes. Size has nothing to do with Who or how God is revealed in His Word. And page 102, Colton says he was in his little chair praying for his dad. Only Christ is our Mediator Who intercedes and prays in His role to the Father *for believers* (2 Tim 2:5). No one else is allowed or chosen to have this role *in heaven* before the Father. So, yes, they have added to the Bible. If this is not satisfactory to you as to why it is a mistake to trust this author (or any like him) who was not chosen by God to write the Holy Spirit inspired Word of God, then lets just agree to respectfully disagree here. Let’s be good Bereans, test everything, hold fast to what is good; abstain from every form of evil (Acts 17:11; 2 Thess 5:21-2).
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    Darla Curry Sampson: You guys should read it before making a judgment. The boy is not warning about heaven or hell. There is no preaching one way or the other, it is simply a 3 year old boys take on what he saw in heaven. Karla knows I am VERY conservative in my beliefs, and I do not fall for every scam or false teaching out there. I am not a health and wealth believer. And I am telling you that nothing in this book goes against scripture.
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    Darla Curry Sampson: Do you pray for others Karla? So what is wrong with Colton praying for his father? No where in the book does it say Colton was being the mediator in place of Christ. Does it say in the Bible the hands were not the ones pierced? In John it seems as though it is the hands that were pierced John 20…24 Now Thomas (also known as Didymus[a]), one of the Twelve, was not with the disciples when Jesus came. 25 So the other disciples told him, “We have seen the Lord!”
    But he said to them, “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe.” 26 A week later his disciples were in the house again, and Thomas was with them. Though the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!” 27 Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.”
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    Darla Curry Sampson: no they did not “add” to the Bible, you got a 3 year old’s opinion about what he saw. They are not putting it forth as scripture, or trying to change scripture.
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    Darla Curry Sampson: ‎” On page 102 Colton (a three year old) is trying to describe a throne, of course he would think it was really big. And there is nothing unscriptural to say God is Big, really big, in fact God is everywhere, right? Anyway instead of reading parts, I think you should read the whole thing. then decide”
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    Ron Rilee: So he was able to see God? That might be problematic.
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    Karla Tadler: ‎Thanks, Darla, for the Jn 20 ref. (I could not locate it–expounded below regarding “red markers”). However, I will continue to disagree with Colton claiming on pg 100 (quote) “God is the biggest one there is” (that is why he said “His throne was really really big!”) (unquote) There is absolutely no claim for this in Scripture. God being omnipresent has nothing to do with “size” as noted in this portion of the story. This is adding extra biblical revelation about the characteristics of God. Also, Colton claiming on pg 102 that “the Holy Spirit is blue.” Again, this is extra biblical with no support from the Bible. His story, Darla, doesn’t jive b/c it is not “for real.” What a comment by the mom to her son that a rainbow in heaven would be some rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of it. Isn’t that idea found in an Irish fable with leprachauns and shamrocks or what a box of lucky charms cereal depicts? This kind of story is in the W-F line of teaching, just like Jesse Duplantis’ false visit to heaven story. I would rather be before the Lord with Sola Scriptura than to tell Him I gathered other information about Him from a 4 year old’s alleged trip to heaven who’s story was written for him by his dad and another author to form/contribute to my faith and knowledge of Him.
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    Ron Rilee: I would add the Biblical examples of Elijah and Moses when they asked to see God.
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    Karla Tadler: And sorry the “Holy Spirit is blue” quote is pg 103.
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    Karla Tadler: Oh, and I forgot to address your question, Darla, if I pray for ppl? Yes, I do as a regenerated, converted, unworthy sinner here on earth with faith in Jesus Who I do not yet see, or am in the presence of in heaven, as the Mediator, my Great Shepherd, Who I believe is interceding on my behalf, as well as for other believers, to the Father. There is no scriptural support that saints in heaven pray for ppl on earth, but there are commands for us believers on earth to pray. That is a false teaching of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) that saints pray for ppl still on earth. This role belongs to Christ in heaven alone for His sheep to the Father Who gave them to Him.
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    Marianne Sonneman Hansen: As a believer, I humbly place myself under the authoritate Word of God. I need not go beyond the parameters of what Almighty God has placed in what I need to know.
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    Karla Tadler: Amen! Lord bless you, Marianne Sonneman Hansen.
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    Darla Curry Sampson: So you NEVER read anything but the Bible? You never watch Anything on TV unless it is on the Bible, and you never listen to anything that is not reading the Word of God. I don’t think so. Did you go to school? YES, you have read other things other than the Bible. If you are going to go so overboard on such a simple basic book that in no way contradicts the Bible, not sure I can trust other reviews of other books on this site. Read the Book and then make up your mind. Nothing in the Book goes against the word of God.
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    Karla Tadler: I am so sorry you are missing all the points and not making the connection with any of them or regarding the *authority of Scripture,* in particular. Thanks for all your thoughts expressed here and Lord bless you!
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    Darla Curry Sampson: Absolutely I am understanding your points, and I think they are a bit hypocritical and like the Pharisees, especially when you have not even read the whole book. There is nothing in the book that goes against Scripture. You are saying the ONLY Book we can read is the Bible and that is not right. In fact listening to Justin Peters so be a No No according to you, you do not need to listen to him you have the Bible to learn from. You should not be learning from others. But on the subject of Heaven is for real, it is not about preaching, it is not about teaching, it is not against the Bible. Heaven is for real, right? I pointed out in the Bible where Jesus himself refers to his hands with holes and you ignored that. John was up in heaven and came back to talk about it, and you ignored that. No one is saying we should pray to dead people, but there is nothing in the Bible that says we will not be praying in heaven. Why would our prayers to Jesus stop for our loved ones just because we are in heaven? My point is we do not know if we will be praying in heaven to Jesus, so why do you act like you know for sure? What is prayer really? A conversation with our Lord.
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    Darla Curry Sampson: Ron he never really describes God except to say his throne is big and so is he. What does that mean, who knows.
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    Darla Curry Sampson: Elijah and Moses asked to see God ON EARTH. Colton didn’t ask to see God, and he was not on earth when he saw Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit, he was in Heaven. John went to Heaven and saw, and returned. John was not dead, and neither was Colton
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    Darla Curry Sampson: Karla, have you seen the Holy Spirit? How do you know his color is not Blue?
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    Darla Curry Sampson: The city is filled with the brilliance of costly stones and crystal clear jasper. Heaven has twelve gates (Revelation 21:12) and twelve foundations (Revelation 21:14). The paradise of the Garden of Eden is restored: the river of the water of life flows freely and the tree of life is available once again, yielding fruit monthly with leaves that “heal the nations” (Revelation 22:1-2). However eloquent John was in his description of heaven, the reality of heaven is beyond the ability of finite man to describe (1 Corinthians 2:9).
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    Darla Curry Sampson: If heaven was too much for John (an adult) to describe, then how much harder for a three year old to describe it
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    Karla Tadler: As far as your ref to Jn 20 I said thank you for that (was seriously asking for it–I did not go far enough into Jn to find, stopping at the crucifixion itself). I did not expound however and say that His hands were not described with red wounds in the Bible. Colton saying that Christ’s hands were red as in “red markers” is extra biblical teaching. Christ having a glorified body that is bloody or with bloody wounds is not in the Scripture. A hole in His side, mark(s), or “imprint of the nalls” yes, but not bleeding. Please note, you have falsely accused more than once, putting words into my mouth (your degrading remarks about Justin Peters and claiming I said we can only read the Bible). Please refer to the rules for this site. Thank you.
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