The Future of Faith, by Harvey Cox

Biblical Resources:

Harvey’s Connection with the Emergent Church and New Ager, Deepak Chopra (rhymes with his student “Oprah”)

SO4J’s Interview with Bob DeWaay on the Emergent Church

Bob DeWaay’s mp3 on the Emergent Church

Andy Olson’s Podcast with Bob DeWaay on the Emergent Church

Gary Gilley on the Heresies of the Emergent Church here (part 1), here (part 2) and here (Part 3)

Randy Shelton’s mp3 on Contemplative Spirituality

Let Us Reason’s Seriously Loaded-Plumb Full of Emergents Article

Roger Oakland Resources, etc.

Berean Beacon’s mp3 on the Emergent Church, Its Leaders (including Sweet), Proponents and Catholic Roots

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