New Age Bible Versions, by Gail Riplinger

Biblical Resources:

Gary Gilley’s Review & Debate here and here.

Gervase Charmley’s Review

Dr. James White’s Review

article excerpt:  “Gail then says that the differences between the modern texts and the KJV are very relevant to doctrine. This is simply not the case. I believe any person knowledgeable in the area, and even semi�unbiased, will agree with the following statement: A person properly exegeting the Textus Receptus or the Majority Textor the Nestle�Aland 26th Edition will derive the exact same doctrinal beliefs from any of these texts. There is simply no “conspiracy” on the part of such translations as the NIV or NASB to “hide” the deity of Christ or any other important doctrine of the faith.”

As far as the NIV is concerned, Dr. White writes at length in regards to this translation in his above article.  Additionally, I suggest this book, The Word of God in English.

Dr. John MacArthur addresses this topic, as well.


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